EFT-Online Journal Volume 04 - relationships


Welcome to the fourth edition of the EFT-Online, a practitioner journal in Emotion-Focused work. The theme of this edition is relationships. The essence of working with clients is developing empathic and respectful relationships. However, we also know that more is required. Practitioners need to understand their clients and their histories in order to tailor a relationship that fits for each client and has the capacity to heal. In addition, practitioners need to be involved in a continual process of reflection about their own part in the relational process. This issue of the journal speaks to these matters and more. 

We begin with a review of Emotion-Focused Counselling: A Practitioner’s Guide by Les Greenberg. In addition to noting the similarities between the Canadian and Annandale approaches, Les has used his review to focus on the differences. As the author of this book, I have written my response to his review in A sisterly response to Leslie Greenberg’s review of Emotion–Focused Counselling: A Practitioner’s Guide.

Then we progress to a lovely reflection on a relationship between a therapist and client by Lisa Champion in the form of a poem, Moment of Meeting. It is a moving piece about what happens to us as practitioners as we sit with our clients and about what happens for our clients when we are able to sit with them. Sue Olds provides a comprehensive discussion about the therapeutic relationship in The Therapeutic Relationship – A very Grand Design. Here she discusses how renovations of buildings and psychotherapy share metaphors and similarities with respect to support, repair and restoration. In particular, Sue focuses on the importance of the therapeutic relationship in the psychotherapeutic work. In the fifth piece for this edition on relationships, Deb Sanasi presents a detailed discussion about working in the field of intimate partner violence. Relationships with oneself, between partners and with the practitioner are discussed in her article, The Good, The Bad and The Broken: Understanding the perpetrator of intimate partner violence through the lens of Emotion-Focused therapy. It is a very thought-provoking and sobering article. 

Finally, to assist practitioners in their daily work is a light-hearted yet serious article, The Therapist’s Toolbox. In this article, I have endeavoured to present a lovely contribution to the profession by the late Lewina Jackson. While light-hearted, the article hopes to encourage practitioners to be mindful of what they are undertaking in counselling and psychotherapy, to find ways to work that honour and respect the client in the healing process, as well as honouring and respecting themselves in the process. 

We hope you enjoy these articles and that they help you reflect on relationships – the many that we have with our clients, colleagues, family and friends as well as with ourselves.

With warm regards, 

Dr Michelle Webster

EFT-Online Journal Volume 04 - relationships