About Us

The Annandale Institute is involved with publication, research and training in Emotion-Focused work. Dr Michelle Webster is the Director of the Annandale Institute. She is involved in writing and researching in the area of Emotion-Focused work. She also is involved in training and mentoring practitioners as well as maintaining a private practice as a counselling and clinical psychologist.

Dr Michelle Webster established the Counselling Training Centre (NSW) in 1987 before rebranding it as the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy (IEFT, Annandale). She established this organization in 1999 as the world’s first higher education provider of postgraduate programs in Emotion-Focused work. During this time she was the Director and principal trainer. IEFT (Annandale) was sold to Foundation Education in 2016.

Based on her extensive experience as a trainer and practitioner, Michelle has researched and written many articles on aspects of the Emotion-Focused approach. She has also revised and developed some of the relevant theory and protocols. 

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