The focus of The Annandale Institute is facilitating practitioners in their development of clinical skills, within an integrated approach that is both respectful and honouring of the heart, mind and spirit. We are practitioners who have come together to develop and teach the Annandale approach to Emotion-Focused counselling, and psychotherapy. We endeavour to share our ideas and skills in a supportive environment, with other professionals wishing to develop their clinical skills in this area.

The trainers at The Annandale Institute also offer private counselling, therapy and supervision. Each trainer has their own private practice and offers a particular service, according to their expertise and interests. The practice is oriented to individual and couple counselling and therapy, using an Emotion-Focused approach. Each trainer has also been trained in other modalities which they have integrated with the Annandale approach. 


DR michelle Webster

Dr Michelle Webster is the Director of the Annandale Institute. She is involved in writing and researching in the area of Emotion-Focused work. She also is involved in training and mentoring practitioners as well as maintaining a private practice as a counselling and clinical psychologist.

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Dr Clare Stapleton

Clare is a clinical mental health social worker with over 30 years experience in the community services and health sector. She has worked in a variety of settings including mental health, indigenous communities, disability services, family support. She currently works in private practice with individuals and couples with significant attachment injury, early childhood and other trauma.

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Lisa works with both individuals and couples from all walks of life in her private practice in Pyrmont. Lisa's first career was in the fitness industry, where, as an exercise therapist, she became interested in the emotional toll of chronic pain. Her interest eventually lead her to switch from working with the body to working with emotion – a career change that she describes as 'finding her true passion.' Because of her background in the fitness industry, she has a special interest in working with athletes.

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Juliette Ferrier

Juliette is a psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples in private practice in Marrickville. She also has worked extensively with individuals recovering from physical, emotional and psychological abuse in the community sector.  She has been trained in many different approaches to trauma therapy with a particular interest in mindfulness of the body.

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Rochelle Dawson

Rochelle is a counsellor with over 16 years experience in the education and the mental health sector. She finds passion in both as places of change and personal growth.  She enjoys working, short and longer term, in the areas of mental health and trauma recovery with teenagers and adults. 

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EFT Network

The emotion-focused Therapy Network

The Annandale Institute is involved with providing specialised training for counsellors and therapists in individual and couple work using an Emotion-Focused.  There have been many practitioners in the counselling and therapy field who have been trained in this approach.  As it is a recognised modality, there is now a network of counsellors and therapists in Sydney and beyond who, in addition to their other specialised training, have integrated Emotion-Focused Work in their practice.

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