EFT-Online Journal Volume 02 - Emotions, Emotional Signatures, and Self-Reflection


Welcome to the second edition of the EFT-Online, a practitioner journal in Emotion-Focused work. We begin this edition with our guest, a world renown Emotion-Focused academic, Dr Robert Elliott, Professor of Counselling, University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Toledo (USA). The article is a short piece with a longish title: Are Emotions the Enemy or the Answer? Emotion Transformation Processes in Depression. In his writing Robert invites us to consider emotions and the emotion transformation processes in depression. 

Following this we have four articles relating to individual and couple work. Lisa in her article, The Language of Emotional Signatures, explores how practitioners can learn this new language and how reflecting on one’s own as well as our clients’ emotional signatures can be helpful for us as practitioners. Kerrie Bannister in her article, Practicing Within the Paradox, explores the dynamic of the therapeutic relationship and how practitioners strive to be present to their clients and be self-aware. Kerrie also uses the concept of Emotional Signatures to help her consider this paradox. Anna Kamarul in her article, Fostering Connection in Couple Work: Softening a Blamer, explores the ‘blame’ stance that some individuals bring to their relationships through the lens of the North American (Greenberg and Johnson) as well as the Annandale (Webster) approaches. In her analysis of her treatment with two couples she also reflects on how her reactions can interfere with the couple work. Again she uses Emotional Signature as part of her self-reflection. In the final article, The Interface between Art and Psychotherapy, Susan Gunn, explores the connections between Emotion-Focused work and art using the lovely metaphor of the heart. 

To finish this second edition, and to bring us full circle back to emotions and possibly Robert’s question, ‘Are emotions the enemy or the answer?’, Toni Tidswell reviews the creative movie, Inside Out, in Inside Out: Emotion Focused Therapy in Animation. 

We hope you enjoy these articles and they help you work with emotions and facilitate your self-reflections as a practitioner.

With warm regards, 

Dr Michelle Webster

EFT-Online Journal Volume 02 - Emotions, Emotional Signatures, and Self-Reflection