EFT-Online Journal Volume 01 - Emotions, Therapy & Institutions


Welcome to the first volume of a practitioner journal in Emotion-Focused work. We have experienced a need for a place for practitioners to write about their clinical experiences as well as their research experiences. We hope to provide this space for Emotion-Focused practitioners to submit articles and interviews for other Emotion-Focused colleagues as well as other interested practitioners and researchers. We invited Dr Leslie Greenberg to begin this online journal and he has provided us with a wonderful and comprehensive overview of Emotion-Focused Therapy. Our first interview is with Dr Sandra Paivio where she discusses the research and clinical implications for complex trauma. Following this there are 4 articles on matters relating to emotion, therapy and institutions. In particular Sarah Joy has written about how Emotion Focused work could be integrated into our mental health systems, Clare Stapleton on emotion in social work, Dr Toni Tidswell on childhood physical abuse, and myself on Emotion-Focused psychotherapy. We finish with a brief book review of Leslie Greenberg's 2011 book, Emotion Focused Therapy. We hope you enjoy these articles and that you find the ideas in many of them easily accessible. 

With warm regards,

Dr Michelle Webster

Volume 01 - Emotions, Therapy & Institutions