Like Lambs to the Slaughter


Dr Toni Tidswell

In the CPA studio in 2011 at the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy in which I participated, I became aware from the reading that there was little in the Emotion Focused Therapy literature specifically on CPA. This paper is a small attempt to add another piece of work on CPA from a clinician’s perspective. In my clinical work I have several clients who have suffered CPA but not sexual abuse. Over time I have begun to notice some differences in the way I work with these clients. They are often in fear for their lives, literally. Thus, in my view, working with these clients requires a different type of ‘being with’ and an even slower approach that allows time for the therapeutic relationship to develop and grow.  

To read the complete paper, use the following link: Like Lambs to the Slaughter : Childhood Physical Abuse and the Therapeutic Relationship