Blue Suede Shoes

As a practitioner I was interested in how to create and develop a therapeutic relationship. In my clinical practice I was exploring emotional involvement and how that could be helpful and healing for my clients. I began to reflect and explore how I was experienced and what clients wanted and needed for a successful therapy. I explored empathy and being real. I invited friends, colleagues and clients to share their experiences with practitioners.

This article was presented twice, as a formal paper at the 2nd Australian and New Zealand Family Therapy Conference, Melbourne, 1992, and at the Australian Marriage and Family Counsellors Association, Sydney, July, 1993. The article was then published in 1988.

Webster, M. (1998a). Blue suede shoes. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 19, 184–189. doi:10.1002/j.1467-8438.1998. tb00336.x 

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