Supervision in Emotion-Focused Counselling


Supervision in Emotion-Focused Counselling

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Facilitators: Lisa, Rochelle and Michelle

Date: 2020

Participants: 12 practitioners who will complete the Annandale Approach workshop and the two individual counselling programs with Michelle and her colleagues, and who want to develop or revise their skills in Emotion-Focused work. If you are interested in participating, please begin by sending us an email detailing your professional qualifications, counselling experience and your interest. If you are interested please contact Michelle for approval.

Cost: Cost of individual or group supervision is $150 per session plus gst. Participants are required to pay the full cost regardless of attendance. Payment for the five dates can be made in one single transaction or, alternatively, as five separate payment instalments prior to each scheduled supervision session.. Use the instalment bar below to select your preferred payment option.  Instalment 1 is a non-refundable deposit and must be paid to secure your place. Instalments 2-5 must be paid 7 days prior to the scheduled date. Use the instalment bar below to select your preferred payment option. The GST component will be added and declared during the checkout process and is noted on all invoices.

Terms & Conditions: The general terms and conditions that relate to our services should be read via the following link: The Fine Print.

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Individual or group supervision is available at the Annandale Institute for practitioners to develop their clinical skills in Emotion-Focused counselling.

For the Certificate in Emotion-Focused Counselling, practitioners are required to have six sessions (individual sessions are hourly; group sessions are 2–3 hours).

Practitioners will present their counselling work by audio or video-recording in order to develop their skill competency in both assessment and interventions. There will be opportunities to continue to meet for ongoing supervision.