The Annandale Institute is involved in training practitioners in Emotion-Focused work. Our involvement includes mentoring, supervision and ongoing professional development. 



The Annandale Institute offers continuing professional development opportunities for practitioners. Opportunities for mentoring, supervision and 1-day professional development workshops in counselling, psychotherapy and couple work. There are opportunities for other Emotion-Focused practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences in professional development days that we schedule.  At times there are opportunities to offer workshops to other organisations and training facilities.


EFT Online Journal

EFT-Online is an online journal for practitioners in Emotion-Focused work. It is an international, peer-reviewed journal which aims to contribute to the practice of counselling and psychotherapy in Emotion Focused work. The EFT-Online publishes counselling and therapy articles, case-studies, and practitioner-based research featuring single-case studies, qualitative, or mixed-method approaches. 

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