Physical Holding in Psychotherapy - Digital Edition


Physical Holding in Psychotherapy - Digital Edition

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A 2006 publication by Dr. Michelle Webster, 224 pages in length. 

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About the Book

"This book on holding in psychotherapy truly touches the reader and is one of those rare books from which one truly learns something. It gives us an inside view of people's journeys in therapy and the power of touch in facilitating this journey. Michelle Webster confronts convention in a most thoughtful way and shows us how clients' experiences of being held in therapy are highly therapeutic. She tells the story of physically holding clients in therapy, from both her and her clients' perspectives, and in so doing deals delicately and sensitively with issues of how human beings relate in embodied ways to promote healing." 

- Dr Leslie Greenberg, PhD. Professor of Psychology, York University. 

This book was first published by the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy as its first publication. Dr Michelle Webster at Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy developed an Emotionally Focused psychotherapy that is a verbal and experiential therapy, and incorporates physical contact and holding.The core principles behind this psychotherapy are emotional healing through emotional contact, regression and a mothering experience. This book, Physical Holding in Psychotherapy is the first publication of Emotionally Focused psychotherapy and presents the results of Dr Michelle Webster's intensive research on physical holding in therapy. The book provides an explanation of how clients heal from past infant and childhood traumas through the process of being loved, cared for and nurtured in a mothering experience that is both real and symbolic in a verbal psychotherapy. 

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