Emotion-Focused Counselling - Digital Edition


Emotion-Focused Counselling - Digital Edition


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Recently released, this is a new 2017 publication by Dr Michelle Webster, 396 pages in length. Available in hard copy or as a digital PDF. 

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What do we do as practitioners? How do we respond? When do we intervene? These are just a few of the questions that practitioners of Emotion-Focused work struggle with. The Emotion-Focused approach is one of the most popular in humanistic psychology, and the subject has been well documented and researched. However, as practitioners we need practical information to guide us through using the protocols. We want to know how to respond appropriately within the approach in a way that is sensitive and respectful of every client. This book does just that. Based on the author’s forty years of clinical experience, this is an outline of the process of counselling and a step-by-step guide to working verbally and creatively within the Emotion-Focused approach. 

Michelle Webster has written an innovative and original work, presenting her approach to Emotion-Focused therapy. A definite must-read if you want to expand your EFT practice, featuring many new and interesting approaches to working with emotion. – Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychology,York University, Toronto, Canada. 

This engaging and beautifully written volume provides a clearly argued and richly illustrated guide to emotion work within the therapeutic relationship. This is an indispensable manual for practitioners seeking to better understand and engage with the most primary and powerful sources of meaning in their clients’ lives – their feelings and emotions. – Professor Julie Fitness, Head of Psychology Department, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. 

A wonderful, easy-to-read manual providing guidance in Emotion-Focused counselling. Without doubt, this is the most practitioner-friendly guide I have read. I highly recommend it for therapists new to EFT, as well as experienced practitioners wanting to keep their skills honed. – Dr Clare Stapleton, Mental Health Social Worker and Emotion-Focused Therapist, Sydney, NSW, Trainer, IEFT, Annandale, NSW.



Dr Michelle A. Webster is the director and principal trainer at the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy, an organisation she established as the world’s first higher-education provider of post-graduate programs in Emotion-Focused work. Based on her extensive experience as a practitioner, Michelle has researched and written numerous articles on aspects of the Emotion-Focused approach. She has also revised and developed some of the relevant theory and protocols.

Michelle is also the Director of the Annandale Institute, where she works as a counselling and clinical psychologist in private practice, seeing individuals and couples, supervising senior practitioners,and researching the science, art and craft of counselling and psychotherapy. 


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