Relationship Work


Relationship Work

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Participants: 12 practitioners who want to develop their relationship skills in Emotion-Focused work. If you are interested in participating, please begin by sending us an email detailing your professional training and counselling experience. Please contact Michelle for further details prior to making payment via the links below. Your application needs to be approved prior to making payment via the links below.

Facilitators: Michelle and Lisa

Date: Thursday & Friday 16-17 April, 2020

Time: 9.30am-4.30pm

Cost: $500, or in 2 instalments, plus GST. Payment for the workshop can be made in one single transaction ($500) or, alternatively, as two separate payment instalments of $125 and $375 prior to the day. Instalment 1 is a non-refundable deposit and must be paid to secure your place. Instalment 2 must be paid 4 weeks prior to the scheduled date. Use the instalment bar below to select your preferred payment option. The GST component will be added and declared during the checkout process and is noted on all invoices.

Terms & Conditions: The general terms and conditions that relate to our services should be read via the following link: The Fine Print.

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Emotion-Focused relationship work is an evidence-based treatment, and is a structured short-term approach with up to 8-15 sessions per treatment.  The original Canadian approach has evolved from a nine-step to a 5-stage, 15-step process. 

At the Annandale Institute we have synthesised the theory and practice of relationship work into an approach that is elegantly simple yet comprehensive. At the heart of the Annandale approach is having couples, siblings, friends and others talk with each other in the presence of the practitioner who is able to intervene in the difficult interactional patterns. 

This is a two-day workshop designed to provide practitioners with the protocols to assess the difficulties relationships are presenting as well as the protocols for intervening. In Day 1 we will explore the theory and practice of relationship work, beginning with identifying symptomatic and relationship issues using interactional and intrapersonal assessment tools. The protocol for assessing relationship difficulties will be demonstrated and practised. In Day 2 we will present the theory and practice of relationship talk, the platform that we use to intervene and facilitate a dialogue that allows relationship issues to be dealt with. The protocol for relationship talk that includes how to get people talking in-session before intervening in these conversations will be outlined and demonstrated. 

This workshop is it a prerequisite to any continuing professional development days that we offer in relationship work.