Facilitating the Experiencing Process CPD


Facilitating the Experiencing Process CPD

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Participants: 12 practitioners who have completed the Annandale Approach workshop or other individual counselling programs with Michelle and her colleagues, and who want to develop or revise their skills in Emotion-Focused work. If you are interested in participating, please begin by sending us an email detailing your Emotion-Focused training with us and your counselling experience. If you are interested please contact Michelle for approval prior to making payment via the links below.

Facilitators: Lisa, Rochelle and Michelle

Date: Thursday & Friday June 25-26, 2020

Time: 9.30am-4.30pm

Cost: $500, or in 2 instalments, plus GST. Payment for the workshop can be made in one single transaction ($500) or, alternatively, as two separate payment instalments of $125 and $375 prior to the day. Instalment 1 is a non-refundable deposit and must be paid to secure your place. Instalment 2 must be paid 6 weeks prior to the scheduled date. Use the instalment bar below to select your preferred payment option. The GST component will be added and declared during the checkout process and is noted on all invoices.

Terms & Conditions: The general terms and conditions that relate to our services should be read via the following link: The Fine Print.

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The goal of Emotion-Focused work is to facilitate the emotional well-being of our clients. This involves helping clients have their emotional experience and integrating their experience and understandings within themselves. Emotional experiences can be classified into different types so that practitioners can then use appropriate interventions for working with the feelings, cognitions and behaviours that are the essence of these experiences. One of the primary aims in Emotion-Focused counselling is to help clients process their emotional experiences. This involves having the feelings – experiencing and expressing them, finding the adaptive action, symbolising the experience, and finally reflection and meaning-making. 

In this workshop, we will show you how to help your clients move from talking about difficult emotional experiences to experiencing the associated feelings. We will show you how to use the experience triangle to assess emotions before exploring how to facilitate clients having their feelings. Verbal and creative interventions will be demonstrated and practised. The question of regulating feelings versus experiencing them will be discussed and explored.