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Established in 1988, The Annandale Institute (formerly the Annandale Counselling & Therapy Centre) offers individual and couple counselling and therapy. Individual Counselling is about working with general feelings of well-being, communication problems, feeling unmotivated, flat, anxious and stressed, being too self-critical, sleep disturbances, eating problems as well as relationship concerns. Individual Therapy and Psychotherapy is longer term work to explore the influences that have shaped our reactions and ways of dealing with life and relationships. Couple Work deals with difficulties and patterns of relating in relationships. 

Each practitioner at The Annandale Institute conducts their own private practice and sets their own fee based on the recommended fee from their professional association. The clinical practitioners associated with The Annandale Institute are Dr Michelle Webster, Dr Clare Stapleton and Maria Gray. You can read more about each of our practitioners below. 

The Institute maintains a public network listing of Australian counsellors and therapists who have experience in the emotionally focused approach. More information can be found at the bottom of this page, or by clicking the following link: The Emotion-Focused Network



DR michelle Webster

Dr Michelle Webster is the Director of the Annandale Institute. She is involved in writing and researching in the area of Emotion-Focused work. She also is involved in training and mentoring practitioners as well as maintaining a private practice as a counselling and clinical psychologist.

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Dr Clare Stapleton

Clare is a clinical mental health social worker with over 30 years experience in the community services and health sector. She has worked in a variety of settings including mental health, indigenous communities, disability services, family support. She currently works in private practice with individuals and couples with significant attachment injury, early childhood and other trauma.

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Maria Gray

Maria has a part-time private practice in Annandale. She has worked for many years as a Senior Counsellor in the TAFE counselling service, working with adults and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. She has recently facilitated several Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs (MBSR). Maria has prior experience in community agencies with a focus on child protection, family support and women's issues.

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EFT Network

The emotion-focused Therapy Network

The Annandale Institute is involved with providing specialised training for counsellors and therapists in individual and couple work using an Emotion-Focused.  There have been many practitioners in the counselling and therapy field who have been trained in this approach.  As it is a recognised modality, there is now a network of counsellors and therapists in Sydney and beyond who, in addition to their other specialised training, have integrated Emotion-Focused Work in their practice.

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